Construction Contract Administration, Historic Preservation, Remedial Architecture

Hills Plaza, San Francisco

Client: One Hills Plaza ROA

Completed; 2009


The Hills Brothers Building, also referred to as the Landmark Building, is a7-story mixed-use building with a 175-foot tower. The building originally constructed in the mid-1920s and renovated in 1989. The building has a reinforced concrete frame and floor slab with brick exterior wall finish. The new mixed-use building at 345 Spear Street was built in 1989 and is a renovation/conversion of the existing original Hills Brothers Coffee plant. It is a steel moment-resisting frame building with composite concrete-steel floors, precast concrete panel cladding, and aluminum frame windows.


The Landmark Building and the Tower were surveyed from the ground. Brick defects found on the Landmark Building and the Tower included spalled bricks, failed brick mortar, and brick cracks. Some efflorescence and asphalt residues were also observed. MCA completed the survey of the exterior brick walls, including repainting, replacement, and application of clear sealants. MCA developed construction documents and provided construction administration at the new residential tower. Scope of work included sealant and window gasket replacement, and deck repair work.