101 Polk as known as The Civic Apartments is a 13-story concrete frame residential building of approximately 154,000 square feet and comprising 162 apartments. The building has a single level of subterranean parking utilizing mechanized parking systems. Roof terraces will be provided at the second, twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth floors.

MCA provided services as a Certified Independent Observer during the installation of all below-grade waterproofing being installed at the project. Waterproofing consulting services were also observed for the balconies and the roof. Mock ups were also done in order to provide instructional direction for installations of observed assemblies. Water testing for this project was completed by an independent commercial testing laboratory and observed by MCA.


San Francisco

Project Type

Third Party Independent Observation, Field Quality Control Testing, Construction Contract Administration


Emerald Polk LLC

Project Status

Completed 2013