Most construction litigation defect claims are the result of water infiltration and damage. Even with proper waterproofing and detailing, age and weathering can cause waterproofing to fail and damage can result.

McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. offers a variety of investigative and diagnostic testing services for existing buildings that are afflicted with water infiltration or building enclosure performance failures. MCA utilizes a variety of techniques, equipment, and computer analysis to investigate issues within the entire building enclosure. MCA has non-destructive moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, water testing equipment, and boroscopes to assist in our investigation efforts.

Our staff is trained to identify areas of concern and document the conditions requiring repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our in-depth knowledge of construction and years of working in the industry attest to our accuracy of identifying the remaining service life of individual building components.

Our Projects

Projects that require investigation services can range from newer construction to historic buildings and everywhere in between.


Our Services

McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. is highly experienced in providing the following services for the building enclosure:

Construction Documents

Peer Review

Construction Defect Litigation Support

Construction Contract Administration

Historic Preservation

Third-Party Independent Observation

Property Condition Assessment

Remedial Architecture

Building Enclosure Investigation

Government-Mandated Inspections

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Field Quality Control Testing

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