McGinnis Chen Associates Inc. provides a wide variety of services related to building enclosure consulting. McGinnis Chen Associates tailors our services to each individual client and project’s needs.

Firstly, we meet with the Client to discuss the project’s history and needs and become familiar with the project’s documents or site as needed. McGinnis Chen Associates Inc then provides a proposal outlining the services and deliverables for each project. This leads to the discovery phase which can include investigation, forensic testing, research, reviewing of project documents, and project team discussions. Then we will provide recommendations and a Basis of Design for the building enclosure components for your project. McGinnis Chen Associates Inc. can further develop and refine that design and then will assist with the bidding, plan check, and permitting phases of the project. Finally, McGinnis Chen Associates Inc. believes heavily in the need for oversight during the construction and installation phase. McGinnis Chen Associates Inc, recommends extensive site visits and reports during the construction phase to help avoid costly miscommunication or installation defects.

MCA also believes in the importance of mock-ups and quality assurance testing. MCA proposes mock-ups not just for aesthetic purposes but to discover any hidden issues with the installation of the design. As construction becomes more complex, the possibility of hidden defects grows. Performing quality assurance testing helps to discover these defects when they are simpler and less expensive to remediate.

Throughout our process, MCA strives to keep open communication with all parties involved. This transparency helps to move projects forward swiftly and with little instances of confusion. MCA performs regular meetings with Clients and design team as well as internal meetings so the internal project team is all on one page. MCA performs both internal kick-off meetings to discuss all aspects of the project and close out meetings to review the project and lessons learned and transfer that knowledge.

While our process adapts to each project type, these foundational tasks provides consistently high quality projects.

Our Services

McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. is highly experienced in providing the following services for the building enclosure:

Construction Documents

Peer Review

Construction Defect Litigation Support

Construction Contract Administration

Historic Preservation

Third-Party Independent Observation

Property Condition Assessment

Remedial Architecture

Building Enclosure Investigation

Government-Mandated Inspections

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Field Quality Control Testing

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