McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. provides full Construction Contract Administration services for the waterproofing and building enclosure portions of projects. Waterproofing details can fail in either two ways, poor design or poor installation. MCA truly believes in the importance of quality control and oversight during the construction phase of the project. The more eyes on the installation the greater chance an error can be caught and remediated prior to serious damage being caused.

Construction Contract Administration’s services include regular on-site monitoring, detailed field reports, review and response to submittals, and Requests for Information. The modern construction site is a complex fast-paced environment.MCA communicates observations and actions to the project team in a timely manner so as to solve any problems with the install as soon as possible. MCA believes our involvement and attention to detail during this critical phase contributes to the overall success of the project.

Our Projects

MMCA stresses the importance of providing quality control and oversight during construction. Projects include historic preservation, new construction, adaptive reuse, remodeling and remediation of existing buildings.


Our Services

McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. is highly experienced in providing the following services for the building enclosure:

Construction Documents

Peer Review

Construction Defect Litigation Support

Construction Contract Administration

Historic Preservation

Third-Party Independent Observation

Property Condition Assessment

Remedial Architecture

Building Enclosure Investigation

Government-Mandated Inspections

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Field Quality Control Testing

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