MCA is often asked to analyze the existing condition and future performance of the building enclosure as a condition of sale or as capital needs assessment. A typical evaluation includes gaining an understanding of the building enclosure’s performance history followed by a visual examination of the buildings’ exterior components. MCA can perform non-destructive surveys using leak detection equipment or thermal imaging to potentially discover the presence of moisture within the building assemblies. MCA provides written reports outlining current and future maintenance and repair needs including system renewal recommendations. Additionally, we will provide preliminary cost estimates that reflect the building’s actual condition, required capital expenses, and future maintenance costs. Our goal is to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the building condition to aid in the purchase or assist a Homeowner’s Association or Building Owner in developing a capital expenditure plan.
MCA is able to both quickly mobilize teams for these assessments but is also able to quickly provide assessment reports. This is so important for PCAs as many times their deadlines for escrow due diligence periods are very short.

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MCA’s vast experience in construction and historical buildings informs our knowledge to provide comprehensive property condition assessments for all building types.


Our Services

McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. is highly experienced in providing the following services for the building enclosure:

Construction Documents

Peer Review

Construction Defect Litigation Support

Construction Contract Administration

Historic Preservation

Third-Party Independent Observation

Property Condition Assessment

Remedial Architecture

Building Enclosure Investigation

Government-Mandated Inspections

Building Enclosure Commissioning

Field Quality Control Testing

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