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Erica Reynolds, Senior Associate at McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. participated in and presented at the So Cal IIBEC Hawaii Winter Workshop 2022 this past January. The event was a two day Workshop held at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Erica presented two presentations at the 2022 Winter Workshop. Her first presentation was titled “Beauty Above…Chaos Below” and was about the issues in design and implementation in Amenity Roofs. Her presentation discussed the increase in the use of Amenity Roofs, the basic construction of Amenity Roofs, and focused on 4 typical issues associated with Amenity Roofs: drainage, coordination of trades, overburden, and expansion joints. Erica finished her presentation discussing risk mitigation strategies for these Amenity Roofs. Her presentation was well received and resulted in many questions and further discussion points.

For her second presentation, Erica partnered with Tracy Myers of Myers Consulting, to present on Adaptive Reuse of buildings. Erica and Tracy’s presentation was titled “The Ins and Outs of Adaptive Reuse.” Tracy started off the presentation talking about the rise in Adaptive Reuse and the industry drivers. Then Erica detailed the building enclosure issues related to repurposing a building to a different use. Erica presented a project case study of an adaptive reuse in Southern California that resulted in some interior condensation issues due to historical windows on the project. Tracy finished the presentation presenting on two project case studies of Adaptive Reuse that resulted in litigation. This presentation was also well received.

Erica attended six other presentations discussing various topics within the building enclosure consulting sphere like NFPA 285 fire rated testing of insulated window walls, building enclosure commissioning, termite infestation and prevention, insulated masonry finish walls, condensation in roof assemblies, a detailing of water resistive barrier. All the presentations were extremely informative and Erica enjoyed networking and learning about other people’s experience in the industry. What better place to learn that in beautiful Oahu!

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