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McGinnis Chen Associates, Inc. participated in the 2018 Leap Arts in Education Sandcastle Classic at Ocean Beach on November 3rd 2018. We partnered with Murphy Burr Curry, Inc. Structural Engineers, Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration Company, and Leonard R Flynn Elementary School. This year’s theme was Building Bridges and our sandcastle represented the physical Bay Bridge that connects across the bay from San Francisco to Oakland as well as the emotional connections bridges provide. Weather was perfect and our team of about 40 people had a great time enjoying the sunshine and building our sandcastle. We were able to fundraise $4,275 in support for Arts Education at Leonard R Flynn Elementary with Leap. Special thanks to our sponsors:

Silver Shovel Donors:
Calendar Robinson Insurance

Friends of Leap:
Anello Painting and Construction, Brad Kamin, Jay Steuer, Karl Bickmore, Loretta Reynolds, Mark Swanson, Michelle Murphy, Siplast, Suprema, Tim Sinnott, Westcoat

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