Jeff Chen, AIA, LEED AP President

Jeff serves as the President and Chief Operating and Technical Officer of MCA. He has special expertise in solving waterproofing problems in the building envelope, including below-grade components, windows, plaza decks, curtain walls, roof reconstruction and skylight assemblies. Jeff’s project experience includes buildings in residential, public works, higher education, and commercial projects, as well as serving as an expert witness in litigation cases.

Derek Bigard, GC

Derek specializes in new construction design, remedial design, peer review, litigation investigation and expert witness services. His 30 years of construction experience provides a perspective of design constructability and practicality. Since joining McGinnis Chen Associates in 1998 he has developed extensive knowledge with all aspects of building envelope components as well as field testing methods. In addition to his extensive tenure with McGinnis Chen, Derek holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the California College of Arts and is a practicing artist.

Phillip Kelleher, AIA

Phillip specializes in new construction design and peer review as well as building envelope systems testing. Within the scope of building envelope design, Phillip has developed a focus in the design and construction of below-grade waterproofing systems. Since joining McGinnis Chen Associates in 2009, he has performed a variety of work in most aspects of waterproofing and job production. His experience includes conducting and managing field investigations, testing, and inspections as well as construction documents, and construction contract administration. He is currently managing our services for new construction projects in the Mission Bay development and various residential high-rises located in San Francisco SOMA. Along with technical experience, Phillip has an extensive educational background with an undergraduate degree from MIT and Master’s Degrees in both architecture and structural engineering from the University of Michigan.

Miriam Tupy

Miriam’s areas of specialization include below-grade waterproofing, roofing and construction contract administration on new design projects, in addition to field investigation & testing and inspections. Since joining McGinnis Chen Associates in 2011, she has gained valuable experience with overall building envelope waterproofing design, peer review and building condition assessments. Her experience investigating construction defects and failures has contributed to the success of numerous remediation and consulting projects. Miriam is currently providing waterproofing consultation services for several new construction projects in the Bay Area and in addition to condition assessments for existing buildings. Her technical background stemmed from an Architectural Drafting and Technology program at the NSCC Institute of Technology in Canada.

Nicholas Niedospial, AIA, CSI, CCS, CPHC

Nick is a licensed Architect and serves as director of specifications and materials research at MCA.  He has extensive experience in forensic architecture, materials science and conservation, design development, specification writing, and construction administration. Since joining the firm in 2007, his responsibilities have included conducting both in-situ and in-house research and testing, and developing critical details and specifications for a wide range of building envelope components, both above and below-grade, for remedial work and new construction with an emphasis on moisture, air, vapor, and energy transfer. He heads McGinnis Chen Associates’ Chicago office and is a Certified Construction Specifier and Passive House Consultant. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Aaron Niles, AIA

Aaron is an Architect, CAD Manager and Associate at McGinnis Chen Associates. Since joining MCA in 2014, he has helped revamp the office’s CAD standards while garnering expertise in waterproofing design.  Prior to joining MCA, Aaron gained 13 years of experience in high-end residential design, operated a freelance business for 6 years in which he designed and built sets for stage productions, and spent much of his free time honing his craft in the woodshop.  Aaron credits these experiences for his ability to manage projects, deliver clear and concise construction document sets, find creative building assembly solutions and develop constructible details.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UC Berkeley.

Erica Reynolds, P.E.

Erica is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California and Associate at McGinnis Chen Associates. She heads MCA’s Southern California office based out of Long Beach. Erica joined the firm in 2013 and has managed numerous design projects and  performed investigation and evaluation on a number of building assemblies including roofing, plaza decks, exterior wall assemblies, and skylights. Erica earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from University of Southern California. Erica is also the official Event Coordinator and plans office get-togethers and parties.

Lorenzo Llanillo, Jr.

Lorenzo has experience providing architectural technical support on numerous forensic, design, and consulting projects. His areas of specialization include forensic investigation, field investigation & testing, and analysis. His experience investigating construction defects and failures has contributed to the success of numerous of litigation, remediation and consulting projects. Lorenzo has produced a litigation video supporting the defense on a national class action lawsuit to help the client represent how their product is easily installed correctly in numerous applications internationally. He is accomplished in graphic production, forensic and video production, animation, information design, and documentation for litigation, remediation, and architectural projects. Lorenzo earned his Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jacqui Hogans

Jacqui has extensive project management experience, with particular emphasis on conditions assessment and building pathology, materials selection and specification, construction administration, and building envelope enhancement. Prior to joining McGinnis Chen, Jacqui worked in New York City, focusing on facade repair and maintenance of existing buildings ranging from historic masonry buildings to curtain-walled skyscrapers. In her free time, Jacqui is an avid runner, having run several marathons and too many half-marathons to count! Jacqui holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Brown University and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from Columbia University.

Ari Bigard, GC

Ari performs Quality Assurance services including field investigation, testing, and inspections. He is a certified and trained third-party observer for various waterproofing manufacturers. Since joining McGinnis Chen Associates in 2016, he has gained a great amount of experience with low-slope roofing assemblies and installation, below-grade waterproofing systems, and construction administration. He began his construction career as an electrician, a carpenter and quickly moved into the position of site foreman for a high end residential general contractor. He holds a degree in Audio Engineering with an emphasis in Large Format Live Sound Reinforcement System Design, and Acoustics.

Jade Beck

Jade manages McGinnis Chen Associate’s project records. He reviews and processes project reports. Jade oversees testing equipment, company vehicles, scheduling, product information and samples, procurement, performing on site IT troubleshooting, and taking care of Facilities. Since joining the firm in 2002, Jade pulls from his background in diverse trades, utilizing his various skills for the myriad of roles he has at MCA. Jade has a vocational education in the automotive service management field. Prior to working for MCA, Jade was a professional musician and a classic car restorer and customizer.

Kiki Minqi Ruan

Kiki holds a Bachelor Degree of Sciences in accounting and finance. She joined the firm in 2014 and is assisting the Principal and Associates with everyday tasks, scheduling, managing the office workload and maintaining the project database. Kiki maintains contact database and mailing lists. She oversees the facilities schedule and general office maintenance to ensure the safety of employees and guests to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Sylvie Adams

Sylvie manages McGinnis Chen’s HR and Marketing departments. Her passion for architecture and aesthetics brings twenty years of diverse experience in the architectural profession in providing coordination and development of McGinnis Chen’s business and marketing efforts, human resources leadership as well as management and accounting support. Since joining the firm in 2002, her energetic and dynamic personality, combined with her ability to multi-task, and her love of troubleshooting adds an effective interface with clients as well as with our staff. Sylvie’s positive and vibrant people acumen ensure an enthusiastic team player. Sylvie holds an EU Bachelor of Arts Degree in trilingual international commerce. She is an underwater globe-trotter always seeking to boldly go where no diver has gone before…

Timothy Parks

Tim is a business manager with over fifteen years experience in project revenue, cost, general accounting, administration with small, medium, and major engineering firms. Tim joined the firm in 2013, bringing his expert knowledge of Vision, Oracle, and SAP to the firm.

Keith Asada

Keith joined MCA in 2016.  He has played a part in different types of project including institutions, commercial offices, and multi-family residential buildings.  He can be found on building sites observing waterproofing as it is being installed and testing existing building assemblies.  Alternatively, he can be found in the office creating architectural drawings, writing in-depth investigative reports, and drawing up contracts.  Keith has both a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obsipo and an adventurous spirit that compliments his roguish charm.

Deyuanne Lei

Deyuanne joined McGinnis Chen Associates in 2016 sharing her experience in construction contract administration, investigation, and forensic projects. With this experience, she has observed and surveyed installation of building envelope assemblies and has provided investigative reporting. Deyuanne has a fascination with historic buildings and enjoys playing a role in the various remediation projects at MCA. She began her career in Utilities Engineering for a Bay Area local municipality. Deyuanne holds a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from University of California, San Diego.

Nathan Taylor

Nathan is a Virginia native who came to McGinnis Chen Associates after living and working abroad for 12 years. His area of specialization includes quality control for waterproofing material production, green roofing systems, conceptual building design, design/construction of shipping container homes and 3D modeling. Since joining MCA, Nathan has surveyed and reported on the instillation of building envelope assemblies and furthered his experience in construction contract administration, identifying areas of mitigation and developing remedial solutions. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Radford University where he focused in sculpture, as well as a Master’s in Architecture from Nanjing University. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Derek Sedgwick, GC

Having lived inside of buildings his entire life, Derek has also been involved in building them for nearly a decade. As a General Building Contractor, he has experience in many different fields including foundations, concrete, wood and steel framing, single ply and various forms of roofing, cement plaster and various forms of cladding, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. At MCA he is able to lend his knowledge of construction to help with building condition assessment, field and leak investigation and analysis, water testing, below grade waterproofing and new construction inspections.

Maxwell Mileck, EIT

Maxwell is a Northern California native who was born into a family business selling construction and waterproofing materials. Since 2015, he has worked in civil engineering consulting, and joined MCA in January of 2018. While working with MCA, his projects have included facade restoration, litigation investigation, leak analysis, and remedial design. Maxwell holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley as well as a Master of Science in Sustainable Design from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Matthew J. Kirk-Cortez

Matt joined McGinnis Chen Associates in 2018 and has brought his experience in residential construction, energy infrastructure construction and budgetary management along with him.  His technical knowledge and insatiable need to learn have made him a veritable powerhouse of construction documentation, administration and management.  He lives his life by 4 letters: T.C.O.B.  Take Care of Business.

Matt holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is currently T.C.O.B. on his architectural licensing exams.

Sasi Sakkaravarthy, EIT

Originally from India, Sasi began working at McGinnis Chen Associates as a Staff Engineer in 2017. Sasi has experience in Geotechnical Engineering Consulting and Construction Administration. Sasi has experience in a variety of disciplines such as Building Envelope design, Forensic Investigation, Hygrothermal Analysis, and Below Grade Waterproofing. Sasi also takes part in litigation projects, data research, construction administration, and the development of construction documents. He holds a Master degree in Civil Engineering specializing in Structural Design from the University of Texas, Arlington.

Roma Saeed

Roma joined McGinnis Chen Associates in 2018 as a Staff Engineer/Project Coordinator, bringing with her valuable experience in construction administration, forensic investigation, historic preservation, and litigation support. Roma holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Davis. She began her career in project management at a startup company in Davis and moved on to work as an Assistant Engineer at Caltrans. At MCA, she is able to combine her knowledge and experience to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of projects in a systematic way.

Arjun Dave

Arjun first joined MCA in 2017 as an intern and returned the next year to serve as a Staff Engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UC Berkeley, where he studied mechanical engineering. Before joining MCA, Arjun managed business operations at an educational technology startup. While at MCA, Arjun has shown an aptitude for independent observation, construction monitoring, and water testing.

Jules Popravka

Jules holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal where he studied Building Engineering. He is familiar with a number of software programs including WUFI, THERM and AutoCad and has previous experience in litigation investigation and interior design. Jules’ experience at MCA is based heavily on below-grade waterproofing, water testing and detailed construction drawings.

Mark Wang

Mark has been immersed in the creative industry since his early life, and was trained as an oil painter. He began undergraduate architectural studies at the University of Waterloo in 2012 and obtained his professional degree from the Graduate School of Design’s March I – AP program in 2019. Throughout these 7 years he has taken the time between academic terms to work at a broad range of architectural offices across three continents, from international corporations to design focused studios to single practitioners to architect-developers. In his free time he keeps up to date with the latest in concept art, environmental design and hard sci-fi.