Building Enclosure Consultation

A building enclosure, or building envelope, is a combination of exterior systems, assemblies and materials that work together to provide a waterproof shell which separates the interior from the exterior of the building or structure.   MCA  provides optimal solutions for building envelope challenges, by balancing performance, durability, constructability and cost, through a collaborative process with the project Owner, Architect, Contractor team (OAC) and our office.  We provide our Clients with trusted and reliable services in all phases of a buildings’ life.  Every building envelope problem, be it design, construction or logistics, is a welcome opportunity for our committed group to utilize our multi-disciplined background to forge the optimal solution.


MCA’s specializes in the following exterior building envelope systems:  Below-grade Waterproofing, Deck and Balcony Waterproofing, Plaza and Podium Waterproofing, Exterior Wall Air and Vapor Barrier Systems, Fenestration Assemblies and Roofing.