MCA offers a wide variety of comprehensive services to ensure that our clients receive the best results possible. Whether new or existing construction, MCA is prepared to share our expertise in all areas of building enclosure consultations.

A building enclosure, or building envelope, is a combination of exterior systems, assemblies and materials that work together to provide a waterproof shell which separates the interior from the exterior of the building or structure.  MCA  provides optimal solutions for building envelope challenges, by balancing performance, durability, constructability, and cost, through a collaborative process with the project Owner, Architect, Contractor team (OAC) and our office. We provide our Clients with trusted and reliable services in all phases of a buildings’ life. Every building envelope problem, be it design, construction or logistics, is a welcome opportunity for our committed group to utilize our multi-disciplined background to forge the optimal solution.

MCA’s specializes in the following exterior building envelope systems:  Below-grade Waterproofing, Deck and Balcony Waterproofing, Plaza and Podium Waterproofing, Exterior Wall Air and Vapor Barrier Systems, Fenestration Assemblies, and Roofing.